Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Earth Science Country

Hi, my name is Darwin and I'm a Earth Science Major. I'm working on an emphasis in secondary education. I'm currently attending UVSC right now and will graduate in the Spring of 2007. I am also a student of all sciences. I especially love astronomy. I've done some research with some of my professors the past couple years. I first worked on a report for the state department on Utah Lake. My subject was mineral resources and hydrocarbon potention. I also have done some research in the Santaquin metamorphic complex. We studied fractures and mineralization in fractures to understand stresses in the area, time of deformation, and see if there is any relation to the Wasatch Fault. This blog will contain many topics related to Earth science and similar topics.
Gee Wiz Collection:
The Wasatch Fault extends from Brigham City, UT to Levan, UT and can create and earthquake as large as 7.5 on the moment magnitude scale. As scary as that may sound, earthquakes are usually dormante for very long periods of time, and the area is a beautiful place to live. Utah too much of a desert for you? Then I would check out a home along the coast.


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