Thursday, May 04, 2006

Holy Hurricane!

Another terror that comes from the oceans are hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons. Lets not forget the damage done to our south eastern United States after hurricane season. I will not throw in any opions about New Orleans due to the possible sensitivity of any readers, however, as a geologist, my professional opinion would have been to NOT build the city on unconsolidated sediment. Or in other words: To have not built the city on a delta of sand which is sinking several inches a year. Building below sealevel on the coast is not wise for any geological surveyor. Ever notice that we mostly have hurricanes up the east coast and not the west coast? Well, it is possible but it is more common for them to form in warm tropical regions and follow the ocean currents northward near the coast.
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What are the differences between a hurricane, cyclone and typhoon? Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean, cyclones form in the Indian Ocean, and typhoons form in the Pacific ocean.


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